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Bozhou Attractions

Bozhou has had a rich and colourful history throught the ages of Chinese Heritage. Home to Hua Tou, the pioneer of Anesthesia and modern surgery as we know it (509ad) and once a capital city during the Three Kingdoms Dynasty (1855ad) Bozhou can also proudly boast about the underground tunnels beneath the city sometimes referred to as the underground great wall. Whilst the focus of Bozhou has traditionally been on Chinese medicine it also had a long and varied history and the ancient sites in and around the local area are tesiment to this.

Hua Xi Lou Ancient Theartre
Jointly founded and paid for by local medicine merchants back in the 16th century. This magnificent example of traditional theatre design has been designated a site of 'national heritage' by the Chinese Bureau of Antiquities and History in Beijing. Although not allowed to walk on the actual theartre floor due to damage, the surrounding courtyard and additional buildings give an insight into Traditional Theartre life.

Mulan, Inspiration for Disney's Mulan film
Although surrounding cities also lay claim to the having once been the home town for Hua Mulan , in the same way that several cities in England lay claim to being the hometown of Robin Hood. There was definate proof of her living in Bozhou and several statues around the city are dedicated to her.

Hua Tou's House
Widely credited with pioneering the use of anesthic in surgical operations (170ad), Hua Tou was also responsible for creating the '5 Animal Movements' version of Tai Chi. Years ahead of his time, people would travel from far and wide to seek his medical advice and treatments. His practice and house have been made into a museum where his original medical instruments are on show.

Cao Cao's Park and Memorial
The Emperor and leader of the middle kingdom during the 3 Dynasties period of chinese history turned Bozhou into his capital and is generally acknowledged as unifying central China after long periods of fighting and rebellion. He was also responsible for the building the underground army tunnels that lie beneath parts of the old city.

Cao Cao Underground Tunnels.
These tunnels are sometimes called the underground great wall. Concieved as form of defence in time of siege, they allowed the defedning army to send troops out behind enemy lines. Whilst not all of the original tunnel system has been excavated, a significant part has been restored and you can desend into the depths to see how ancient soldiers moved around and evidence of Inidana Jones style traps to prevent enemy soldiers from following the defenders.


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