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Go Bozhou has been launched to
promote this historic city in
China to the world.
Cao Cao's Tomb has been found!
40 miles outside of Bozhou, in
a scenic spot...
Along with our sister site -
Bozhou newspaper, Go Bozhou is having
its opening ceremony...

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Chinese Rice Wine Museum

Vodka is to Russia what Bai jiu (pronounced 'Buy Joe') is to China. The national drink consumed from small glasses on all occasions. Bozhou is home to the Gu Jin Gong distillery, famous throughout China and with a pedigree stretching back over 250 years. Drunk on occasion by leaders such as Chairman Mao and other notably historic Chinese people, Gu Jin Gong is proud to call Bozhou it home. A visit to the local museum and factory tour is a definite must and is on a par with visiting the Bollinger Chateau in the Champagne region of France or the Glenfidch distillery in Scotland.


To leave China without sampling the national drink is surely something that can't be passed up!


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